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Corporate Governance Information

Key is committed to meeting high standards of corporate governance, ethical behavior, and business conduct. Our corporate governance practices, as well as the quality and diversity of our Board of Directors, are long-standing strengths of our company.

We benefit from our Board’s tremendous experience, independent leadership, diverse expertise, and commitment to Key. Independent leadership and oversight responsibilities are driven through our robust independent Lead Director role, independent Board committee chairs, and the full involvement of each of our independent directors.

Our Board is actively involved in the oversight of our strategies and in holding management accountable, both for the current year and long-term performance of our company. They are focused on, and dedicated to, ensuring we execute in a manner that is aligned with shareholder expectations.

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Key also has a strong Executive Leadership Team which brings a wide breadth of knowledge and experience to the organization. The diversity of the team, coupled with extensive industry expertise, has driven progress and momentum at our organization. The team is dedicated to holding one another accountable, while delivering on commitments and maximizing long-term value.

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For more information on our strong corporate governance practices, please see our most recent proxy statement, which describes in greater detail the structure, practices, and policies of our company.

Corporate Governance Documents

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